You keep on walking...and walking...and you never stop...cause life is that way. There is no pausing or rewinding to change what you did...you can't just freeze for a moment...to allow your mind to comprehend what is happening...no, life is it's own death walk. We walk and walk...without the slightest of hesitation...not because we are brave...but because we are cowards...'cause we are scared of what we would see if we turned around...if we just stopped and looked...

do you dare to turn?

Birth. Learn. Study. Study. Study. Study. Marry ( multiplied by times desired, less than or equal to 4). Kid (multiplied by number desired). Retire. Die.

NOTE: this prediction is subjected to change due to various physical factors. These may include mental stability, accidents and miracles.
Who say's the blind is unlucky?
Who cannot see the wretched flames
which burn through life so easily
Whose eyes need not comprehend
the magnitude of loss that's seen
Who need not see the hues of light
before being thrusted into darkness
No, not without a fight
For surrender, I cant
and tremble, I won't
For I will blind myself of all your hate
and i shall stride above thy names