this was just a random converstaion i had with a friend of mine... and i managed to utter the words.. "im totally bloggin about this afterwards" so here goes :P

Birdeee : Why the hell are lovebirds called LOVEbirds???

Me : Err....i dunno...cux they are in love with each other.. *goes dreamy eyed*...

Birdee : You know what i think?

Me : Mmmm...? *still dreamy eyed*

Birdee : I think they are just forced to be together!!...cux they are trapped in a cage...TOGETHER!! all the TIME!!....and this lil kid comes around all the time and pokes them....!

Me : *all lovey dovey dreams shattered*....*sigh*...i'm so bloggin about this....

Creating a world must have been tough...just imagine..creating the seeds, from which the plants would grow...making blue-prints of what trees must look like...creating systems through which it could survive (ie; respire, make food, reproduce...)...and the many much creation... and then creating the tiny lil insects which would live amongst these plants...with their unique appearences...and amazing abilities... the animals, made to be majestic and ruling of the kingdoms...each with its distinctive appearence and role in life... the birds, that fill the sky...with beautiful patterns of flocks..or just a single bold one...on the look out for prey... what about the deep oceans?..with their own flora and fauna, creating a mass ecosystem..almost oblivious to the land creatures... and of course the amphibians, who choose neither land nor sea...and live their lives in mystery... and what of the skies, mountains and the seas of water themselves? and volcanoes filled with lava....rivers streaming through to oceans....forestlands...coral reefs...and so many of the many ecosystems which create the earth's biosphere... each having a purpose..each giving a create a lot...

finally the man...humans..homo sapiens..with their rules and order of anarchy...their ways of peace through war...their path of enlightment with no light...their livesof purpose through entertainment...their wisdom which even for them is just riddles....

how we managed to gain control of the world is nothing short of a narcisstic we believe we are the ones who deserve this beautiful ignorant we think that we could do whatever we want in here and not pay a stubborn we say its upto us to change this world..that its upto us to decide the future...

oh, how little we know...

photo: in bio lab...doing some weird experiment :)
isn't it ironic that people think of abortion as 'taking care' of the baby....("getting it taken care of")

humans are seriously fudged up....

running through life
living by everybody's rules
tired of the echoing lies
said and repeated
by all these fools

trapped in pure hatred
for sins that others commit
left by those most cared
for whom you go
beyond love's limit

who is to blame for your loss?
they ask
you, and only you
they say