Can you believe I spent the entire day in IGM hospital???

Seriously!! …and all this to do 2 tests..!!!

I actually went there yesterday too. But since the tests I needed done were instructed by ADK they also needed some other papers as well (my bad..should have brought all the papers dho?) but they made us sit there for around 2 hrs before telling us..*eye roll*

And today was worse..we went there at around noon..(with all the papers…ain’t I good?) but ofcourse that wouldn’t be enough would it? No, no, nooo.. we have to get photocopies of it to them…and so me and my mum dragged ourselves around maafanu trying to find a photocopying service…and being the everchanging and ‘modern’ place Male’ is…there wasn’t one.

So we finally drove to the copies and gave them to the laboratory peeps..i figured that should do it right?..No, no, nooo…we had to fill another form..get a patient card (I am NOT a patient, I yell inside my head) and dhen after all that we got the bill for the tests..and they didn’t have a card jaha thingy..(my mood eygadeega: really pissed off and nidhiburanthi) ..thankfully my mum managed to scrap out the cash from her purse..

after another 15 minutes sitting outside the laboratory we were let in, and the girl there took blood…in the freakiest way I have ever seen O_O …hama asluves…first they couldn’t find a naaru in my arm so they stuck it in my hand…when the blood didn’t flow…she pumped the blood out of the hand!!..i mean, like literally pumped it athah fihthaigen! Hehe…was really funny though…

Dhen rulhi aima bunaane rulhi aee yei..

Rulhi aisgen blog kureema bunaame blog kureeyei..

Ekamu mee dhen kuda kamehtha?...*bo halaak*

Today has been a day of unraveling...a day of discovery and realizations...a day of pondering and fruitions...and i, being so bountiful and giving, would love to share them with you...


TALE 1: Con artists of Male'

Told by: My Dhatha while we were in IGMH

Here's how it goes:

It wasn't a busy day in IGM Hospital. Everybody moving around without much attention to anybody who didn't look like a partey..the usual maldivian treatment. In comes our heroes, dressed in office wear.In their hands is an empty donation box, just like the one in IGMH. Both of them heads straight to the donation box for thalassemic pateints, lifts it up, exchanges the both, carries the original one out. in broad daylight. Infront of eveyrbody..and nobody noticed a thing...hehe..amazing!!

TALE 2 :Hulhumale' Rai Kujja

Told by: My mummy...

Here's how it goes:

It was midnight. A hulhumale' taxi driver stops infront of the terminal. A young girl enters the taxi and the taxi driver takes her to the her destination. He decides to call it a day after that and heads home. After he reaches home he steps out of the vehicle and takes a look at the back seat to check...and in the back seat sat the girl...

..dressed in red...

..with a maniacal grin..

..and arms streched towards the driver as though waiting to strangle him ..

and the driver fled as fast as he could..reached inside his house...and barely told the story..when he died....O_O

TALE 3: Romeo and Juliet (episode no. 11)

Told by: Juliet herself

Here's how it goes:

Romeo and Juliet had been together for a while now. Juliet's mother does not permit the relationship. And jealousy had sprung among enemies of Romeo for his new found love. Love makes you do stupid things. Jealousy makes you do extremely idiotic yet hurtful things. The day Romeo and Juliet reached their island after being away from each other, the enemies of Romeo plotted a way to renounce the love of these two lovebirds. And so they thought up the very 'original' plan of spraying the names of the lovers on walls of some the houses in the island.( original)

That night, after the enemies had carried out their evil deed, Romeo came to know of this misdeed. When he reached the scene of crim..kamaku dhaakah nei..they had written both Romeo and Juliet's names with a lot of sick notations.

And you know what Romeo did?


He sprayed over the graffiti (no scratch that, thats an insult to graffiti! make it sprayings)...but even then the names were pretty obvious...

And then do you know what Romeo did?


He got a knife..and scrapped the spray paint off the wall...he even used a naurgandu to wash ot all off...


By dawn, the walls were blank (except for a whole lot of scratchs :P)...

ekamuves...loabi dho?


(hopefully will bring the whole Romeo and Juliet story sometime soon :D)

(pics from deviantart)

Okay..i figured i'll save you guys the torture of reading through another day of my life...


i thought i'll torture your eyes by letting you watch it...

*blink* *blink*

ain't i nice? :D goes....the pics are from my phone so ehaa saaf eh nuvaane..

umm...felt really good after seeing the beginnings from old roots... :D

Ma lil cuz kokky!!!.. loook!!! he's wearing pooh bear diapers!! loabi dhooo? *wink*


brotherly luuurv by my lil ammu and iyaako

actually a wedding invitation from loooong looong ago....but was addicted to taking pics today and this was just too beauuutiful not to :P

BEFORE niyafathi kendun

AFTER niyafathi kendun *sniff*

terrible color..extremely ugly...but you can't help but agree with what it says..:P

i also managed to get a full detailed explanation of the reproductive systems in humans by my dear sir.:P

..and managed to have the best night i have had in a while..even though it was raining...and i got velli into my faivan..and with the heebihinegun and all..guess it is true...eveyrthing seems to be wayyy better when you are with the right people..

*happy sigh*

As fate would have it, the day turned out to be pretty good. Thank you God! Just after I finished the other post my mum came over and insisted on taking me shopping. Looking like a ragged little piece, I decided to go along with it and spent the next hour and half prancing around Majeedhi Magu looking like…well, shit. And it felt good…seriously, it did. Everybody was all dressed up (Friday haveeru afterall!) and I got a lot of what-the-heck stares from people…but..what the heck :P… The shopping spree ended with me getting a completely obi new phone (a w880i *fonivefa*) and pants for Orchid(that’s my cuz )

After the initial high of getting the phone, and her own highs of certain gifts received (ehmm…ehmm…*wink*) Orchid got a little aimuni muni kevi and managed to somehow spill some weird looking powder all over my study table…(hehe…don’t worry girl..i forgive was fun cleaning it up before mum came :P) We had to spend quite a while cleaning that mess up…especially since the room was a complete mess to begin with…

All in all, a pretty good day one, eh? Especially since I got to watch (..and cry while I did so) one tree hill’s latest 2 episodes!!...*sniff*…at least I got to watch it with you, orchid!...thanks for today…

...ok, here's the deal...
it's been approx. 15 hrs since the start of mid term break...and i am officially nidhi buraanthi!!! completely vai vefa... who knew you could miss school so much?...damn...

since i have absolutely nothing to do (i could study know :P) im planning a 11 day thingy for myself...
the object is to force myself out of the bed and do something fun...every day :D
aaargh...hope this works..
wish me luck you guys..

so easy it is..
to just fade from one phase to another..
from one emotion to yet another..
its so easy to just get high...

jump up and loose myself...up,up and away...

keep my feet way up high

and do cartwheels up to the heavens
not that i need to touch the sky
just need to feel that high
to feel the wind brush against your skin

feel it just around and too within
leaves that flows around you like in fall
and clouds that twirl and swirl
like ballerinas pretty and small
vanilla and apple scents so close
crazy and colored in wisps it flows
blank eyes that stare from below
waiting for those many flaws
lol..u aint seeing nuthin'
i'm just too good at pretending darlin'

umm...hehe...don't ask...this is just me getting into an obsession of making them rhyme...don't think it worked though :P..this actually makes sense only when the reader is high..was going through a lot of inner changes when i wrote that :P..and making a lot of realizations...came to terms with a lot of things about myself...maybe if i focus things into what it really should be..things are just going to turn out okay..don't mind this psychotic talk...reassurance takes a lot of time and patience..and a lot of typing...hehe...

(pic: from usual :p)


Don’t say I didn’t warn you…

This was completely coincidental..ekamu ves women’s day a gulhigen I incidentally watched a very heart wrenchingly thadhuvethi movie…the most captivating part of it was that it was actually based one a true story (later on I came to know that the actual story was much more horrific O_O)

Here’s a kuda overview of what it was about:

(teet..teet…spoiler alert)

After they loose their parents to a car accident, Meg and Susan Loghlin are forced to live with their aunt (called Ruth Chandler)…Ruth has this freakishly psychotic dislike towards girls (especially the two) and seems to enjoy having the whole of the neighborhoods kids(and I mean KIDS!) over at her place drinking beer and smoking..Ruth’s dislike grows more apparent when the alcoholic Ruth soon starts to abuse the sisters, which ends with physical torture and sexual abuse of Meg imprisoned in the basement. Ruth and the neighborhood kids join up to make this game in which each thinks up ways of torturing the girls. The movie is viewed from the eyes o f the only sane kid on the neighborhood, David Moran…and focuses on his attempt to save the two sisters…

Quotes from the movie:

Ruth: …(to the kids)take a lesson boys, now listen up close. This is important. All you gotta do is be nice to a woman..and she’ll do all sorts of good things for you…***…promise them a little something and you can have whatever you want, half the time…***…(gives back Meg the painting she made for David)..take it back…and I hope this painting is all you have given him..cuz you already got what men want right down there…*grins*..and it ain’t your god damn artwork..!

Ruth: If I see any slutting around here…Your ass is grass…And your aunty Ruth’s the lawn mower...

David: I can’t make them know.. I would if I could…

Ruth: ..(after etching the words “I f*ck. F*ck me" on Meg’s stomach)..You see Meggy?..Now you won’t have to get married…can’t take your clothes off…not for anybody… You are better off…no man would want you…won’t have the burden of kids…you are lucky…you thought it was good to be cute…to be sexy..a woman is better off loathsome in this world..

Ruth’s Kid1: You are right mum…she ain’t so much anymore…

Ruth: Wait a minute…we’ve got her man will ever want her… Problem is, see (lights up cig)..Meg may still want him…life of torment there…a woman doesn’t want a man all over her body…no…she just wants him in one particular place…***…you take out that spot, you know what happens? You take out all of her desire…you take it out works…***…we just take out that one little spot…we’ll burn it out…*smiles*..and then our Meg would be perfect..!

(teet..teet…end of spoiler alert)

The movie is much more horrific and disturbing…And makes you really just, loathe people…makes you realise what a sick bunch human beings really are...
You could see the real story this movie is based upon in here.

After the drizzle of the rain
And the smoky fog clears up the way
After the snow had forgotten to fall
And the flakes had melted beneath your feet
The pure swift wind brushes your skin
And the strands of hair
Bends in obedience to the wind
And leaves you with an exhaling sense
Of lucid translucent clarity
Unclog my vision
And clear up my path
Make the wind blow against this wrath
Let the ashes go to dust
And let the future take over the past
(pic from spongy ge stuff...but probably taken from deviantart)

Life has turned into such a routine setup. It’s as though we are living just for the sake of living. Not even living I suppose, merely existing…just because we were created. The dullness of life is so obvious now. Just think about this:

Mom and Dad gets married. They have a Kid (some have kids without getting married too…but that’s beside the point). Kid grows up. Goes to Pre-school….then Elementary School..then High School…maybe college/university…gets a degree or higher…gets a job…in the process or after, gets married. And the cycle starts over again…

And it really makes you wonder…

Was this all we were sent here to do? I know..we were sent to obey God ..*eye roll* I know that… what I mean is, if God expects us to just pray and worship Him, he wouldn’t have created any matter.. So God definitely expects us to do something worthwhile while we are down here…right? But the way our lives are shaped…all we really do is cause overpopulation, over pollution and God knows what else is going overboard because of us!

Overall conclusion? We simply compromise with whatever life throws at us…either ‘cause we are too lazy or forced to do so. And rarely comes a time when we actually stand up and just for once, try to break free from the chains in which society has entangled us in.

So, I guess this is a shout out to ya’all…lets break away from these chains…like his ‘hai-ness’ once said, “education shouldn’t shape us, we should shape our education.”
(pic from deviantArt)