The beauty of Spring so luscious
The waters that run through so clear
The vines that twine in through us
Oh Dear God, don’t you fear?
Where has the world gone…?

Cold and awake I dream of you
Of moments of joy invincible by truth
Seethed in my heart, stored in my head
I never envisioned a better regret
Oh Dear Love, don’t you know?
Where had it gone wrong…?

Through tangles of webs and ashes with dust…
We rose together in one final thrust
Do you realize that what was, is gone?
Do you know it was never born?
Oh Dear Child, don’t you know?
Where has the innocence gone…?

Creep through the shadows
Lie alone in the shades
I fear nothing but what fear allows
For everything changes and the day fades
Oh Dear Sun, don’t you know?
Where in the world have the nights gone?