that was just freaking funny!!!....but kinda loabi a creepy, stalker sorta way... getting ahead of myself..lemme tell you what REALLY happened..*giggle*

i have a lil stalker!!! tehe...i went to my first extra class today! yippee!! and unlike a LOT of other people..i managed to get in too.. double yippee!!..anyways, my class ended around 9, and since i had math tiution at 10 avahah geyah aee ekani hingaafa..been walking alone varah ginain midhuvaskolhu especially from school..but today was a lil bit harder cux i was sorta koru jahanings form a (very fakuru looking) injury i got this weekend..back to the topic, hingaa iruves i dont take a lot of notice of the people on the road...anehen moonah balalan dho..but not enough to really notice them..anyways, miadhu geyah aissa maths tiution nimaali iru sidi kairiga there was a guy...probly around 15-16 years of age..hudhu kulaige t-shirt eh laigen...really really fair...and kinda short around my height.....i thought kokko hodhan aissa i just alhanulanings him and kaan isheeni gossa (my kokko made me raha eh nula noodles! :| ) the guy comes up, sorta fidgeting, and...

him: arykko....? (afternote: after a lil interogation he revealed he heard my friends call me that..)

me: err...huh?? (still more interested in my not so tasty noodles)

him: umm...vahaka dhakalevidhaane tha?...(keeps looking around nervously)

me: me??? *stares for 5 seconds* do i know you......??? O_O <-yup! i was lo bodu kuranings at him.. :P

him: no no...umm...*mumble* *mumble*

me: hmm.....(goes to inspect him a lil better) kihiney ve? O_o

him: kurin dhuvahu chse in ana than fenuney....miadhu ves, i kinda followed you...ekamu mihisaabah aissa konme dhuvahaku gehlanee...varah ehen gethah ves hodhin....migeyah aima buni tiution ga madu kohli...emeehun (my granma and granpa) varah faadakah balan beyruga madukuri tiution nimendhen... :) <- yeah, he gave me the baby smile!...aww...

me: O_O are you for serious???...... who put you up to this???

him: umm....

me: ok..ok...konamako kiyane? (offering the kiddo a seat on the sofa)

him: you can call me imma.. :)

me: this is just...too.......

him: maa lahun dho miadhevunee.... :S

me: aan..maa bodah ves..

there was a lotta small talk with me trying to get vanings the whole situation..and finally i told him it was too late for house visits and he went all "i will come a lil early next time" was just too damn funny!!!!....and he looked so naive and was just...soo.......seriously, if it had been like any other partey sorta guy..i would have called up everybody in the house and got him out in 2 seconds...but the kiddo looked so innocent...and so neingifa..and he kept trying to act varah calm but he was sooo nervous...(the fact that i was wearing a tshirt that said 'you are boring me' and had my enormous kokko whose around 5'7 looking at him as though he was gonna kill him with his eyes probably dint help the poor kid either ;P)

life is just full of weird surprises these days...hehe....a kid stalker...hmm... :P