i got tagged by silent smuuurf..

so here goes..

1. what's ur latest addiction? sleeeeep!! (honest! ask my mum!!)

2. what are u listening to? OneRepublic - Stop n Stare
3. how late did u stay up last night n why? around 12-ish?
4. who were u with last friday night? i don't remember....umm... kaidhdha, hudhuma and i.nern?
5. do u think u'll be in a relationship 3 months from now? i'm not saying anything..i might jinx it! O_O
6. when is the next time u'll see ur close friends? in a couple of hours?
7. what were u doing this morning at 7am? sleeping...duh!!!

8. what radio station do u listen to the most? i don't... :/
9. what was the reason u last cried? that's one heck of a personal question, u know...O_o

10. have u ever talked to someone when they were high? yeah!! tehe

11. what's the fifth text in ur inbox say? lemme check.."U!!!...hmmmph!"

12. where was the last coffee shop u went to? i forgot!...i think it was lily's....or skippy...

13. what's ur outfit right now? err...PJ's!! ^^

(i dunno where 14 and 15 disappeared to... :/)
16. what were u doing at 11pm last night? multi-tasking :P

17. who was the last person u talked to last night before bed? him ^^

18. will u be driving in a year? oooooooooooooh yeah!!!!

19. is there anything that u are craving right now? chocolate mousse' *sigh*.....*drool*

20. when did ur last hug take place? just now....tehe....my kokky is sooo huggable (when not in fight mode, that is)

(no 21 either....O_O)
22. have u ever started a sentence with "No offense, but..."? No offense, but yeah.. :P

23. Do u drink tea? Once in a blue moon
24. have u ever been arrested? no....

25. have u rode in someone else's car today? yeah

26. have u made a mistake this past week? including or excluding school tests/hoemwork? both ways, its a yes :P

27. who was the last person u texted? a guy

28. are u happy with ur life right now? to some extent, yes! very much
29. in the past 72 hr have u been under the influence of sleep?.. duuuuuh!...yes!
30. what's the connection between u and the last person u texted? cousins...?

i tag.....err....the whole of the blogosphere!!!muahahhaaahaa!!....no?...im not allowed to do that?..damn!...ok then, i tag crimson solace and kainotophobia... :)