Prologue (contd...)

the continuation of this

“Now, that’s where everyone of them goes wrong.”She grinned at the baron, “if you think you are the first person who have tried to pursue me since I disappeared you are definitely more stupid than you look and that s saying a lot compared to what you look like at the moment. Honestly, have you heard of a thing called detergent?”

“I havn’t come to pursue you, ma’am. Infact, I have much to do and say…”The barons voice faded into a shivery silence as she realized what was happening

“Stop…right there...”she snarled at the baron.

“Aha? Whose going to stop me?” the baron looked around, “…you?...You?...or…” turning towards her, “..YOU?...heh…you are so pathetic, its almost amusing.”

She wanted to scream. But what good would that do? The sailor was already fastening her hands together so tightly it almost made her wince. Almost.

“Now, now, dear…I wouldn’t do anything to you in front of all these people…that would be disgraceful” he motions towards the captains cabinet, “after you. Mademoiselle…”

She looked at him with such cold eyes that he would have frozen under the hot sun. As she walked toward the cabinet a smile slowly crept up her face. “You know Mr.Clagdon? I have done this before…”

“All the better, my dear” the baron was surprised, but living in a ship full of sailors, who wouldn’t have? He rushed her inside and closed the door, smirking at the gaping sailors.

As the sailors watched in awe, light flooded through the holes of the cabinet door. There was a loud thud…and then nothing…Then, the doorknob turned and it opened revealing her, in grace and unharmed. “You know what to do with our guests, men…” Her command was menacing and chilly, and of course, obeyed.

She quickly returned to the small hut in the other side of the boat. Her heat beating faster than it had in years. If what the baron had told was true…everything would into chaos again…worse than that was the fact that her secret was out…there was no doubt from the look of the men outside that they had seen what had happened…and even if they hadn’t, how could she explain the body of the baron, lying on the floor of the captain’s cabin, paralyzed with fear? How could she hvae been stupid enough to use her powers on such mindless games? But what’s done is done…after what he told there was no way she could have let him off…she had to carry out her father’s wishes now….and she will have to kill again…