Bloggin Becux I Have To...

i realised i blog only when i'm pissed or really really depressed...andi'm not sure whether its healthy or not...but...whatever gets me goin right? so, this one is so that i'm not labelled as some emo kid who writes poetry that would make Shakespeare raise from the dead just to kill me.. :) see? im not so bad..and not depressed! anyways, here's the 20 random facts about me! (sorry about the delay..i dint see it...sorta.. :P)

here goes:
  1. i am a cars...and currently in lust (my true love is the porsche cerrara GT) with the black toyota celica in male'
  2. Jack-In-The-Box freaks me out
  3. i am a Paulo Coelho fan..obsessed with his books actually...and his blog...(no, im not stalkin him :P)
  4. i love abstract art..i dont really see the point in most of Michelangle, da Vinci and Rubens work...its already there and much better..why paint it again?..
  5. My favourite teacher was Ms.Risala who was my teacher for 2 years (grade 1 & 2) She helped me outta my shell and was basiclaly awsome.. :)
  6. I would never get an abortion but i'm prochoice. I'm not gay, but gay people don't bother me. period.
  7. I want to live in Dubai..and i want to have apartments of my own in atleast 3 countries. (a girl can dream :D)
  8. If it wasn't for religious restrictions i would get a tattoo (a tiny one)..and a navel piercing
  9. i hate re-mix songs...the original is always better
  10. i procrastinate...soo..much...
  11. i have never broken a bone in my body. but there is not a single part of my arms and legs that had not been bruised in someway.. :p
  12. I sleep on the phone..been a habit since grade nine...and i can pretty much sleep through anything and in any weirdest one yet was sleepin on my nose while finishin my math homework
  13. i hate ironing...most of the time,i just wear stuff..they are bound to get creased anyways, right?
  14. Im currently watching the following series : 70s show, greys anatomy and private practice..and i end up confusin private practice with greys cux adison is in both! O_O
  15. most of my jewelery consist of stuff that have sentimental value more than stuff that i actually wear..the same goes with the teddy bears, clothes, cosmetics and books
  16. i have an obsession with cutting hair..i cant go without cuttin it..*snip* *snip*
  17. even though im a lazy arse, i hate stayin home and doing nuthin..infact, i can't stand a lazy workaholic (if thats possible :P)
  18. my laptop is always beside me when i sleep..its my 'bahdha baales' :P
  19. the highest play count recieved in my itunes player is for Bang Bang Mystery Man by Tommi Inkila..
  20. I'm a rainy day person...definitely not a sunny day person..!
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