Breakups mean:

  • you are going to be branded 'pathetic' if you got dumped...a 'bitch' if you dumped him/her..
  • you will be constantly finding reasons NOT to go out
  • when you do go out...its likely that you will feel like you have 'I'M SINGLE' branded on you forehead
  • you will start a weird obsession of staring at your phone...a lot
  • the messages in your phone are going to be read...over..and over...and over..(including the call me backs)
  • you will cry while watching every single episode of One Tree Hill...and all those lovey-dovey movies
  • everybody around you will suddenly start having stable/perfect relationships
  • your newest hobby would become staring at the ceiling
  • you are likely to become a studyaholic/workaholic
  • sleepless nights (duh!!)
  • its like getting might get this craving...any time..and you have to (i repeat, HAVE TO) have it..whatever it is...whatever the time is...
  • you start pondering about the big questions in the meaning of life and death..and why we are here..(you know, ..deep shit)
  • you end up talking to strangers...a lot..and saying stuff...a lot
  • your personal msgs on msn and facebook statuses become extremely emo..
  • you feel guilty everytime you laugh
  • you get flashbacks out of the blue
  • and you end up staring at the mirror a lot
  • basically, i guess you do a lot of staring..
  • oh, and you might try to change your appearence in some way..(haircuts..werido hairdos..extreme piercings)
  • (if the break up was because of sumthin stupid he/she did) you will feel an extreme need to rebel against his/her comments/compliments...(eg: if he compliments your WILL feel an urge to cut CUT it..!)
  • you will start checking his/her blog on a daily basis
  • you will starr checking his/her fb status every hour or so
  • your room will slowly deteriorate into a state of unfixableness
  • sudden urges to go out and party will come...and a matter of minutes..
  • craving for ice cream (duh!)
  • craving for chocolate (double duh!)
  • lowered self esteem
  • you will start taking little things very personally and very (very!) emotionally
  • you will go into mourning (ie, wear black a lot)
  • you will wear loads of eye liner and andhun to prevent people from noticing your puffy eyes
  • short term memory loss
  • attention deficiency
  • talking in shakespearen lingo..wayy too much
  • your attire doesnt change for days..mostly huge tshirts with shorts..
  • signing up for thing you don't have time for (like yoga, martial arts, cake decorationg (we all know why) maa jehun, ) <- yoga does sound appealing ^^
  • get extremely jealous of hiro nakamura
  • get back on track with your reading
  • drawing (even if you dont know how to ) broken hearts...everywhere..(EVERYWHERE!)
  • updating your blog in a daily/weekly basis...mostly with love-sick posts and depressing poetry
  • reminicing about the 'good times'
  • 'accidental' calls to the ex-boyfriend/girlfriend
  • burning/throwing/melting/any sort of destructive method being used to destroy any gifts/flowers/cards recieved during the course of the relationship (if it was an ugly break up)
  • sleeping with gifts/flowers/cards recieved
  • staring at gifts/flowers/cards recieved
  • rings...oh dont even get me started on rings..!
  • if you have a camera..your photography will become extremely depressing
  • your lips become cracked
  • change in weight (may increase or decrease depending on individual)
  • having to get back in the 'game' buut, you are too tired for the game..
  • changing your whole perspective of life...
  • no more horny dreams of just one girl
  • no more nightmares/dreams of married life
  • extreme horni-ness
  • cats will suddenly become very friendly with you..and you will feel the need to adopt one..(DONT!)
  • shopping! shopping! and more shopping!
  • being broke...
  • no more eating out because you are broke
  • reminicing of the days you were broke...and you could still eat out..*sigh*
  • doing freaky daredevil stunts which end up really wrong (either in the hospital or the police office)
  • celebrating freedom!...and craving for unfreedom (i know thats not a word!..but do u want me to say slavery?)
  • you become rather fond of animals..(no! thats not what i meant! perv! -_-)
  • you start singing 'sexy back' in the shower
  • you start blaming everything on the breakup
oh, this is probably going to be a continuing list...and includes opinions that are common and unique to many others out feel free to add in anything more..

oh oh, and this work is purely fiction :P so don't start lecturing me about being obsessive/unhappy/depression...blah blah...i just needed to write this...just for the heck of writing it...aiite?


  • lilly | May 9, 2009 at 12:50 PM

    hahaa... thts soo truueee.... and yah dunt forget..
    the common-est saying after a break up..
    "LYF SUCKS" loosers whu say tht... =p =p

    well naaiiicee post.. hehe.. ^.^

  • mushimas | May 10, 2009 at 6:53 PM

    purely work of fiction, eh?... if u say so...
    btw, lips become crackd? hows dat? :P

  • shweetikle | May 10, 2009 at 10:54 PM

    i didn't read the entire post because it's extremely long..but looking at the first 10 varakah points, i should say, you are absolutely right O.O

  • paperclippenny | May 10, 2009 at 11:21 PM

    what about listening to sad love songs one minute and angry loud music the next heheheh

    and oh what does "no more horny dreams of just one girl" mean????

  • arykko | May 11, 2009 at 12:46 AM

    oh, like i said..its common to a lotta ppl...and the list contains a lotta ppls opinions as well as mine...

    that one happens to be a guys... xP

  • Masudh | May 11, 2009 at 8:16 AM

    Sure, related to many depressing situations.. but a person can grow STRONGER with break-ups too..
    Makes sense for me! opinion differs too.

  • DarkCasanova | May 12, 2009 at 5:58 AM

    how about taking muliple gfs and err having fun until the girls get jealous with each other and the guy again takes another batch of multiple gfs.. and so it goes...omg.. is that what happens to me...O.o

    aah anyways mourning is nothing related to black... it's all superstition.. like a friend said
    "beliving is superstition is crap,it brings bad luck"

    anyways..hope ur doin ok arykko..i juz hope u dint shoot that lil birdie in a soft'll be ok latter

    @paperclippenny:lol u sure pick de good points

  • aMHaR | July 3, 2009 at 3:58 AM

    dhigu kamun mieh nukiyan. :p ekamaku ves hama comment kohlaa hei vi