Drama from the sidewalk - The Lost Cause

location: (maaveyo magu)

: usha!

girl: (turns around) don't try to make a scene...please!

guy: you know how much i love you? do you even have the slightest idea? (puffy eyes swelling up with tears..again)

girl: yes i do..but this in not...

guy: no you don't! (voice rising) you have no idea..if you did...you wouldn't do this to me..not in a million years!!

girl: i havn't done anything to you!..and therefore, i have nothing to say to you!..goodbye arshadh...

guy: (voice softens) love..don't..im begging you..(takes the girl's hand)..this is not what we wanted..give me one good reason why we should not be together...?

girl: (sounding stone hard and icy cold) simple. because i don't love you. and because you don't deserve my love.

(by this point a smal crowd of people pretending not to look at the scene have gathered..)

guy: (startled and anger rising) what the f**k do you mean by i dont deserve your love? eh? you think you are something special don't you? (girl says nothing) fine. we are over. we'll see how long you can stay away from me. (slight maniacal laugh....leaves)

girl: (stares at the pavement...tears start rolling down her eyes...and she slowly breaks down in front of a dozen of people)

(this work is purely fictional...)