Breaking free...!

Life has turned into such a routine setup. It’s as though we are living just for the sake of living. Not even living I suppose, merely existing…just because we were created. The dullness of life is so obvious now. Just think about this:

Mom and Dad gets married. They have a Kid (some have kids without getting married too…but that’s beside the point). Kid grows up. Goes to Pre-school….then Elementary School..then High School…maybe college/university…gets a degree or higher…gets a job…in the process or after, gets married. And the cycle starts over again…

And it really makes you wonder…

Was this all we were sent here to do? I know..we were sent to obey God ..*eye roll* I know that… what I mean is, if God expects us to just pray and worship Him, he wouldn’t have created any matter.. So God definitely expects us to do something worthwhile while we are down here…right? But the way our lives are shaped…all we really do is cause overpopulation, over pollution and God knows what else is going overboard because of us!

Overall conclusion? We simply compromise with whatever life throws at us…either ‘cause we are too lazy or forced to do so. And rarely comes a time when we actually stand up and just for once, try to break free from the chains in which society has entangled us in.

So, I guess this is a shout out to ya’all…lets break away from these chains…like his ‘hai-ness’ once said, “education shouldn’t shape us, we should shape our education.”
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  • DhiKing | March 5, 2008 at 4:15 PM

    we can decide how we want to live..

  • shweeeeet! | March 5, 2008 at 6:33 PM

    woohoo! hai-ness ves dhen haadha molhey dho quotes hadhan :P

    so, over populate nukuran hedhidhaane gotheh eboiy! vihaa komme kuhjakah meeheh maranvee :P


    i like the pic =)

  • arikko | March 5, 2008 at 8:49 PM

    dhiking : its very few ppl who actually can do dat...u must b one of the lucky ones :P

    shweeet: hehe..aan dho?? likes da pic tooo :P...v reethi fayeh dhoo O_O

  • .mini | March 5, 2008 at 9:05 PM

    people have been doing that cycle thigie for over a long long time and thats how it has affected us, most of us think that that! is the purpose of living and everything
    sometimes, even doing that can be done in such a way that life wouldnt be mundane or anything
    get an unpredictable partner!

  • Anonymous | March 5, 2008 at 9:14 PM

    aaa... youthful idealism. such a pity most of them are crushed into obedient cynics by the cruel machinery of life. chopped, molded packaged and eventually left to rot in some field like compost. the ones who dare to be different are ridiculed to insanity or suicide or forced to become compost. very few make it out alive. and its only these few who contribute to civilization. do us Maldivians with our strong sense of social conformity and fatalistic religion have the guts? who cares? who even KNOWS? yeah we're just stupid slime vomitted by the system of idiocracy.

  • Crimson Solace | October 12, 2008 at 8:25 PM

    nice post...I totally agree....and ya even though only a few people can decide how to live...but I guess we can be one of those ew people if we really maybe youthful idealism, but I for one am going with it, I am not going to let society crush me and mold me and package me......I want to be someone who molds the world around me....not the other way around

  • Anonymous | June 9, 2012 at 1:48 PM

    do you really REALLY want to know the truth of LIFE?

    do you? here it is:

    god created adam and gave him free will,something god hasnt given any of His creations (except the jinn)

    if you even remotely studied islam at school,you'd know the story that follows afterward.the devil disobeys god and is cursed and vows to lead humans (as much as he can) astray from their creator.which he kinda does to adam and eve.*whisper*whisper* go eat that forbidden fruit..

    so God sends adam and eve to earth.

    u knw why?

    its free will.God judges us according to what we do with our free will.yes, obviously we were created to worship God,but we were given the will to make a choice.whether to listen to the little guy thats constantly tellin you to do somethin bad or do something crazy or just wastin time in pointless stuff all your life, or obey what has been ordained by the Creator of everything.thats right,even YOU.

    Yep,God definitely expects us to do something worthwhile in our THIS life,FOR the NEXT life to come.Whatever you do is up to you,i guess.

    And it aint the society which is slowly binding us all up in chains.Its all the plan and plot of the Devil.Slowly distracting us from our Creator,the religion He gave us...with those little worldy distractions,until you succumb.UNTIL YOU ARE DEAD INSIDE.

    overrall conclusion? this world and it's boring routines are not that important.find your own way for the next to get to our (the Humans) true home,The Heaven where we belong.Defy the little guy on your shoulder and break free from the worldy chains.

    we are here in this world to be judged for our free will.for what we do with for thought.

    whether you end up in eternel Heaven or Hell is up to you.And God is not unjust in the least.

    P.S. im not a religious fanatic in case you are merely sharing my opinion to the extent of my knowledge since you seem a little confused about life.:)