so easy it is..
to just fade from one phase to another..
from one emotion to yet another..
its so easy to just get high...

jump up and loose myself...up,up and away...

keep my feet way up high

and do cartwheels up to the heavens
not that i need to touch the sky
just need to feel that high
to feel the wind brush against your skin

feel it just around and too within
leaves that flows around you like in fall
and clouds that twirl and swirl
like ballerinas pretty and small
vanilla and apple scents so close
crazy and colored in wisps it flows
blank eyes that stare from below
waiting for those many flaws
lol..u aint seeing nuthin'
i'm just too good at pretending darlin'

umm...hehe...don't ask...this is just me getting high..got into an obsession of making them rhyme...don't think it worked though :P..this actually makes sense only when the reader is high..was going through a lot of inner changes when i wrote that :P..and making a lot of realizations...came to terms with a lot of things about myself...maybe if i focus things into what it really should be..things are just going to turn out okay..don't mind this psychotic talk...reassurance takes a lot of time and patience..and a lot of typing...hehe...

(pic: from deviantart...as usual :p)