Day Two: A Lot More Than A Drizzle

Okay..i figured i'll save you guys the torture of reading through another day of my life...


i thought i'll torture your eyes by letting you watch it...

*blink* *blink*

ain't i nice? :D goes....the pics are from my phone so ehaa saaf eh nuvaane..

umm...felt really good after seeing the beginnings from old roots... :D

Ma lil cuz kokky!!!.. loook!!! he's wearing pooh bear diapers!! loabi dhooo? *wink*


brotherly luuurv by my lil ammu and iyaako

actually a wedding invitation from loooong looong ago....but was addicted to taking pics today and this was just too beauuutiful not to :P

BEFORE niyafathi kendun

AFTER niyafathi kendun *sniff*

terrible color..extremely ugly...but you can't help but agree with what it says..:P

i also managed to get a full detailed explanation of the reproductive systems in humans by my dear sir.:P

..and managed to have the best night i have had in a while..even though it was raining...and i got velli into my faivan..and with the heebihinegun and all..guess it is true...eveyrthing seems to be wayyy better when you are with the right people..

*happy sigh*