for all you clueless people out there...!! well, not really..
  • me like dragonflies..me obsessed about dragonflies...anything with dragonflies.. :D
  • me LOOOOOOVE cars!!!!...thats my next obsession..n handhaan vaa gothun somebody did promise me a Porsche Cerrera GT for my b'day...hmmm...n i wudnt mind a Bugatti Veyron with that :)
  • and shoes shoes shoes shoes shoes......and clothes
  • me don't have much of an interest in roses...except those molhethi kula kulaige ones like blue and purple..though i do like white roses (they mean innocent and pure love...)
  • i do like exotic (defined as weird by some ppl) flowers like bird of paradise and cella lilies...*sigh*
  • me also like loabi pendants..nice pwetty ones :)
  • and, athuga alha thingies :P
  • and pwetty toe rings...
  • yesh, me also have a thing for candles...scented ones..*double sigh*
  • and chocolates...loads and loads of chocolates..especially lindt..and chocolate anything...ice cream..puddings..u name it, ill eat it...*mouth watering*
  • teddy bears??...mmm...not much of a fan..except for one teddy given by my thweeet bro :P but me like pillows wayyy better and those ones with those kudhi kudhi beads in it which makes it very squuuuuuueezable
  • guitars....ofcuz!!!who doesn't have a thing for guitars??
  • frames n bahata maa tukuri(i learned new dhivehi word!!! molhu dho?)..i can definitely live without...except if it is homemade..n varah loabin aryj ah takaa hadhaa dheefa in echeh vejjeya.. ^.^
  • anything that is small and cute...*wink*
all in all, anything wierd..cute..stupid...pretty...sweet and small... see??? is it that hard???

...and my b'day just happens to be on 16th of February..dats da next saturday...(just in case u dint get vanings the above hints :P)


  • baadee | February 11, 2008 at 11:14 AM

    ahem...first i'd like to say that ur not gonna be getting a car! i shall give a salhi gift thought :)

  • shweeeeet! | February 11, 2008 at 5:59 PM

    gamaarakah noonee dhen getu vaane kanneyge dheyn ulhun mesage :P
    ekams thiothee sareeha bahun bunefa viyya! hehe :P
    errrm..visnaanan ingey :P

  • loabi idiot | February 11, 2008 at 8:49 PM

    so now we know what to get for you *pwhewwwww* :P

  • Crimson Solace | October 12, 2008 at 8:43 PM

    self obssesed much:P....and u were expecting to get a car for ur birthday?:P....talk abt wishful thinking....well unless you have like a billionare friend...and even if u got u wont be able to drive it:P....and ya lindt choclate rocks...and and...fereror roicher....but they are now soo expensive these days...they were expenisve to start with......and nooo....u cant have my guitar:P....maybe i will get one of those cheap maa TUKURIS for ur next birthday XD....IF I feel like getting something hehe