Read it To Believe it...(my birthday weekend)

Chapter 1 : day of the freaky firihenun..

It all began on a seemingly normal day of us .. me, sponge and the nut .. tryin on clothes in sponge’s house in vilingili ..WORD.. then we kinda sorta like umm…errr…went out of words to write on our bloggies…we still dnt..and then v kinda did think of a couple of words..yay! *hug*.. WORD… ok, here goes… we three went out with our own personal photographer *wiggle eyebrow* to take pics of us…*snicker* *snicker*…(I know…self obsessed :P)

ANYWAYS…we were at the beach taking pics near the gaathah…completely minding our own business…


6 male people ambushed us with weapons of mass reputation destruction…PHOTO NEGEY PHONES!!!..asluves eyy…. They completely covered all the angles in our base and even shoved the phones at our faces!!...even when we turned around..*sniff*..hayaai kuda dho?? O_O we quickly went away from there, and the male people climbed the ‘mountain’ and took MORE pics of us as we walked away…tsk tsk..(when will they be satisfied?) Now, us being loya civil citizens of this great nation, we decided it was our duty to report these unauthorized violators of our visual we took a couple of pics of them as well… and being the hayai kuda people they are…THEY DID THIS!!...

*eye roll*

See the guy coming down … HE’S CHASIN US!!! *gasp* so then we RAN!!! We went back to og’s place n got our stuff and got the hell out of vilingili .. lookin behind our shoulders the whole time!!... * shudder *

Well, if that wasn’t enough .. we reached male’ and was tryin to get a taxi … and the first one which stopped had THREE GUYS in it .. who actually thought we wud get into the taxi with them !!!... idiots…*eye roll*..the second taxi seemed very harmless ..there was this middle aged smiley driver .. all jolly and freakishly happy .. we got in and he starts talkin ..

Him: thin kudhin konthaakah dhanee?
Us: umm…(arikko’s place)..near (big, important place)
Him: Oh..hehe..Kokkomen beynun thaakah gengosdhevidhaane.. *seductive grin* Beybe ah ingey Vaadhevilla and (bunch of other houses)
Us: Errr…ok…
Him: Kokko men varah lasvegen that hi dhanee?
Us: No..not really…*still confoooosed*
: Beybe geyah kudakoh madu kohlan vegen..beybe ge dharifulhu gulhaathive..thivaruge kujje beybe g eves hureyei…
Us: Umm…ok…
Him: Great..
Us: Errr…
Him: Kokkomenah ingeytha mi kaakukan?..
Us: Kuda koh dhanna vatharu jahaa..
Him: Beybe ves ulhuneemey vilingili ga…Thankolheh kurin..Hagu ambi vilingiyah laaigen..actually dhen vagu ambi dho??...4 months vandhen ulhunemey…yada yada yada vagu ambi yada yada….
Us: Err….(starts getting uncomfy)

(Parked near house..his..O_O)

Him: Miananee ingey varah avahah dharifulhu kairi goslaafa.. Nudhahchey..(leaves…)
Us: Lets run…!!!!!!
Us: No…Yes…Maybe…What if somebody sees us..? What if he sees us?..yada yada…Pay and run…yada yada..

(Actually we decided to stay so that we can thoroughly study this freaky specimen of the male species)

Him: (comes back).. Hinga dho dhama..

..he enters the car...and...HE SMELLED..OF ALCOHOL!!!!!!!!!!! HONEST!!!!!!!!...(the things that happen to us…*shakes head and looks up at the sky*…*shakes head again*

Us: (whispering)..what are we to do…?
Us: (pretends to call mums and dads so that he will overhear and realize that we do have family who will miss us after he rapes us + kills us +buries our bodies in Sultan Park…
Him: *evil maniac laugh*
Him: yada yada yada…3 dhooni…yada yada 3 boh3 boh..yada yada yada

finally reached near home…we took a pic inside the car…and the car number is _5_7 (the dashes are there to protect the identity of the individual)

Chapter 2: Prom Night 08’

I wasn’t really expecting myself to end up in a prom on the night of my birthday, but a friend of mine kinda asked me very nicely n loabilly…so I couldn’t say no…Thus, I had a date for the prom..(well, actually A prom cuz I had no idea what was goin on..)

And I wasn’t actually going to go all pretty or anything..but I ‘had a load of pressure on me to be the prettiest girl in there'..and so this is just a lil thank you to my disaster crew who helped me get all pretty… THANKS YOU GUYS… and also to Homo…it was fun and I did enjoy it… :)

Chapter 3: The sleepover/ 00:00 – 12:00 of my b’day

Me, sponge and the nut were sleeping over at my place so pretty much every one was in da house AT THE HOUR…I got 17 pretty presents from my mummy…all of them amazingly aryjish..we went to thai wok for a family dinner..just the four of us..*sigh* i even got a cake that said “you’r 17”…like I needed to be reminded that I was getting old and wrinkled… *sniff* :P

All in all, it was a totally ogalicious b’day/day before b’day!...thanks to everybody who wished me and for all the prezzies that I got…*happy tears*… especially to my 2 oggies; sponge and nut…and my thweeth fai ‘dhatha’ :P.. I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!....honestly…and thanks again…until next year…’birthday girl arykko’ has left the building…*drum roll*…


  • Em | February 16, 2008 at 10:55 PM

    Its graet reading what u have did on your birth day. Really! Really its a graet day in ur life. Hoping we cud share another birth day with u and ur friends.

    Urs blog friendly,

  • s!LenT | February 17, 2008 at 12:19 AM

    i heard lot...abt 17 giftz nd all....hehe
    da sad thin is u dint gv me a slice of cake =p
    afta all m ur sis so dnt i deserve =p????(kiddin)

  • bulhaa | February 17, 2008 at 2:05 AM

    lol. u poor things!
    well atleast u had fun right?
    happy belated b'day :D

  • Simon | February 17, 2008 at 3:17 AM

    Chapter 1 was very funny!

    Good, different...loved the post.

  • Anonymous | February 17, 2008 at 5:44 AM

    haadah vefa 4 meehun...then maa vefa amilla photo laigen...biteh nuvegen tha?
    thiotheee vaa birth day eiy.

  • rifu...da gr8... | February 17, 2008 at 9:25 AM

    but dat was one hell of a bdayyy ehh?? :D
    i bet u wudnt forget it! evaaaaaaa!!!!!:P
    eyyyyyyyyyyyy lil froooook!!! happyyy belated bdayyyyy *sobs*!!! i shudve wishd uuu..iyye! i wememburrred inge...ekam fahun...forr...forrr..foorrrg... forrrgot...*badi falhain gosfi*
    *short break..ruimah*
    *points at uuu n dus da sakaaa act! bllllllllll!!!* :P
    anyway gud dat u had funnn!!! :D:D:D
    man! u guys r hihvarugadha!!! i wudve run away from dat car driver at da first place!!!! *eek*
    *continues to sob but wit n evil gwin...yikes!:P*
    hope u had a wonderful birthweekend i shall call??? :P:P origallow!!!:P

  • lavendergirl | February 17, 2008 at 10:02 AM

    Happy belated birthday Arikko!!
    and its fun reading this!hehe

  • .mini | February 17, 2008 at 11:15 AM

    oh god, did i forget it?
    pisss! varah handhaan koggenney huree!
    pis pis, stupid me
    anyways, happy belated b day :D

  • arikko | February 17, 2008 at 10:02 PM

    em: thankuuu.. :D hopefully i will...

    s!lent: hehe...adhey migeyah...i still have a piece if u want.. :)

    bulha: i knw..i knw...*shakes head*..and thanks..

    simon: :D thankuuu...(dhaipilla sale!!)

    anonymous: hehe..naah dude, incase u dint notice..meehun blogs ah photo lanee bitun nuvegeneh nuney...we had a lot of fun..and we wanted to share it with ya all...:S (and its kinda varah cowardish to post anonymous comments, dnt u think?)

    rifu da gr8: hehehe....its oki!...n thankuuu...hihvarugadha kamuge award libendhen madu kohlaigen mithibee...:P

    lavendergirl: thankuu...more to come :P

    .mini: thank you...:D..its oki..

    thanks everybody!!!....for posting (excluding the anonymous post...)*shakes head at anonymous* i love u guys!!!!... :D

  • Kalo | February 20, 2008 at 10:29 PM

    omg... owesome article [as i call it]. Well hope to find more intresting articles soon. cheers and happy belated birthday though i dont know you...

  • BubbleToes | February 22, 2008 at 7:22 PM

    seeems 2 me lyk u guys had funnn inspite of all dat! hehehe
    greattt article!!

  • Crimson Solace | October 12, 2008 at 8:08 PM

    ok first thing I would like to say do u know what alcohol smells like?:P XD...hmmm hmmm?
    Aaah but really what a place this male' is coming to eh?...aaand u got 17 presents from ur mum::|.....I am soooo jealous....I always got just one...hmph....but I did mostly get very hushamy expensive gifts XD....and and...happy belated birthday.....guess I am very late now...but better late then never dho